Contact Your County Commissioners!

Contact your County Commissioners and let them know Worcester County families support a sports complex.

To email your county commissioners, please follow the following steps:

1. Go to your email browser and send email TO: [email protected]

2. In the Subject Line, copy and paste: Worcester Families Support A New Sports Complex

3. In the body of your email, type your own words of support or you may copy the following:

Dear Worcester County Commissioners,

Our family supports a Sports Complex in Worcester County.

When kids participate in recreational sports activities it helps develop and improve cognitive skills, physical ability, and social responsibility. It increases empowerment and leadership qualities by teaching them teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance. Worcester County needs more recreational fields and activity spaces for local children.

Along with the recreational benefits this complex will bring to Worcester County, this facility will have several economic benefits. These benefits include fostering the development of sports participants in the area, broadening market reach to new visitors, attracting visitors during non-peak months, receiving media exposure through hosting regional and national event activities, and serving as a catalyst for future development in the area.

In addition, the Crossroads Study reported: “annual fiscal impacts (or tax revenues) generated from ongoing operations of the proposed new outdoor sports field complex are estimated to range from approximately $446,000 to $551,000 in Worcester County and $1.9 million to $2.4 million at the State level.”

For these reasons and many more, our family supports this complex. Worcester County kids should not have to travel to play sports when we can give local children a home playing field right here in Worcester County.

We urge the County Commissioners to support the proposed Worcester County Sports Complex!

Please, give our kids a Sports Complex!


A Worcester County Family in Support of A Sports Complex

4. Add Name and Worcester County Address/Voting District

5. Hit Send!