"As the father of 3 sons who were all previously or currently involved in different sports leagues throughout Worcester County for the past 30 years, and as the City Manager for Ocean City, I strongly support the creation of a new athletic complex at the proposed site. I have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars taking my kids to lacrosse, soccer, and basketball tournaments all over the mid-atlantic region. I have seen firsthand the positive impact these tournaments have on their communities both economically and culturally.

The tournaments attract exactly the type of visitor we need in Ocean City and Worcester County, families that care about their kids. Virginia Beach and Lancaster Pennsylvania know the value of these facilities. In the past year I have taken my son to Virginia Beach and Lancaster Pennsylvania for at least 6 different multi-day basketball tournaments with thousands of participants. Each time I marvel at the irony that I have to leave Ocean City and rent hotel rooms in Virginia Beach and Lancaster. We can do better, families from Virginia and Pennsylvania should be coming to Worcester County not the other way around.

The facility itself will provide more space for our own children to participate in healthy athletic pursuits instead of staying home and playing video games. Anyone with kids in Worcester County knows that our current facilities are booked solid, indoor gym space in particular is scarce. Three nights a week I travel to either Princess Anne or Mardela because those are the closest gyms where my son’s AAU team can get time to practice. We can do better, our kids should have a place to practice in Worcester County.

Acquiring this land for a new state of the art Sports Complex is the start of a wonderful new partnership between Worcester County and Ocean City. It will bring families visiting from out of town to support our businesses and provide a tremendous new amenity for our residents and especially our children. A facility like this in Worcester County is long overdue. The Ocean City Council supports this project and I urge the County Commissioners to approve this land acquisition."

Terry McGean

City Manager

"Being a long-time resident since 1985 in Worcester County and working for local and county government, I have always supported the many opportunities developed by both the public and the private sector benefitting our residents and guests. I made my home here and raised two boys who attended Stephen Decatur High School; I don’t regret one minute."

"I know first hand the hardships our county families experience with recreation programs. Chief among them are affordability, access to quality facilities, and transportation. This sports complex can provide a world class facility for our local youth to use and also supplies funding sources to provide financial aid and transportation so that all county children have access to local programs and facilities."

Tom Perlozzo

Worcester County Tax Payer

"When kids participate in recreational sports activity it helps develop and improve cognitive skills, physical ability, and social responsibility. It increases empowerment and leadership qualities by teaching them teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance. The Beach Lacrosse Board of Directors support this initiative."

The Beach Lacrosse Board of Directors

“The question is simple… Do you want your elected officials to seek ways to make money to pay its bills or do you want them to keep raising your property taxes? The cost of running a household, a business, and a government continues to rise. It is an elected official’s duty to identify ways to pay for the public safety, public works, and services that all residents, businesses, property owners, and visitors expect and deserve.

We have a gigantic opportunity to ride the wave of a $20 billion per year youth sports industry. This is bigger than the NFL and some experts project it to grow to $77 billion by 2026. These are all family visitors. We are built for this, located within 5 hours of over 50 million people with all the infrastructure needed to host world class events… a variety of hotels and accommodations, restaurants, attractions, a Top 10 Boardwalk in the USA, the beach, and all Worcester County has to offer. Promoters want to come here but we do not have the facilities to accommodate them. We have the competitive advantage if we just take it. We are literally bursting at the seams with demand, and we need our leaders to have the courage to act so that we can fulfill it. This is the biggest opportunity the county has had in decades.

Plus, the revenues generated are used throughout the entire county to provide services and improve quality of life for all taxpayers while keeping property tax rates constant or lower. Funds will be used to aid children throughout Worcester County to ensure they have affordable access/transportation to recreation programs and activities at the Sports Complex and at local facilities. This keeps our youth safe and productive and allows all Worcester County children to do what they do best… play.

So back to the question… do you want your elected officials to make money, or take your money?

Please attend the public hearing to give your answer to the county commissioners and express your support for the Worcester County Sports Complex.”

John Gehrig

D3 President / Ocean City Council Member